EPPU Knights


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide all soccer athletes with the opportunity to improve their game at the premier level, while also focusing on the necessary skills to succeed at the High School and Collegiate level.


The EPPU Knights Premier team was developed to provide soccer athletes in Central Pennsylvania with the opportunity for regular exposure in the highest level of competition. This program will enable them to continue their success as athletes in collegiate soccer by attending College Showcase Tournaments, State Cup competitions, and ID Camps. The Knights Premiere team will compete at the highest level, both nationally and internationally. The EPPU Knights will provide a collegiate level coaching staff and training programs to give players the highest quality of training.

Team Focus

  • Development of the athlete’s foot speed, explosiveness and agility.

  • Controlling the tempo, getting involved in the attack, switching the play, slowing the attack down (defending), taking restarts, team formations, and set pieces.

  • Encourage players to step out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons by learning new techniques and implementing new skills.

  • Recovering from matches and between matches.

  • The Knights will provide the players with proper warm up techniques, which will focus on reducing Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries.  Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries have been reported to be 2-8 times more common in women. A 5-year study by the NCAA revealed that women were 2.4 times more likely to tear their ACL than men in soccer, and 4.1 times more likely in basketball.

  • Team/Divisional training three times per week from late October to first week of March (schedule provided by coach and team manager by mid-September).


$150.00 commitment fee (non-refundable) will be due upon player acceptance.

Two consecutive payments of $170.00 will be due on August 1st and September 1st.

Fees include:

  • Fall/Winter Registration
  • Uniforms
  • Tournaments
  • Coach fees
  • Trainer fees
  • Training facilities
  • Player evaluations
  • Recruiting workshops and materials.


Upcoming Events

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